International transport

Carrytons provides comprehensive services in the international road haulage market. This term includes a whole package of services. We are convinced that we would be able to offer you cost-effective and, at the same time, top-quality custom-made haulage solution. Using platform trailers of low-deck type with 100 cbm bearing capacity, we are able to transport many different goods for most of the industries. Our main destination has been Scandinavia since the company establishment. We, however, are able to provide haulage within the entire Europe.

Complete truck load haulage

Complete truck load haulage of goods is our standard service. The loading is carried out at your place, unloading at your customer’s point of delivery without any need for your goods additional handling while having them supervised by our professionals. Haulage is carried out in accordance with general forwarding terms and conditions and the consignment is insured as a matter of course. The transport capacity of our trailers is 100 cbm (13.6 m x 2.48 m x 3 m) or 34 pallets with the maximum weight of 24,500 kilograms.


Part loads service

Our company is the right choice for you even if your products will not fully load our trailer when sending them to your customers starting with as little as one palette capacity (1 cll). Your goods will reach your customer in a timely manner and at a good price, which, in the case of partial transport, depends on loading space occupied by transported goods.


Goods can be loaded on vehicles from the back or from the side even by crane with the possibility to lift the roof by 40 centimetres for this purpose.